Photography Cheat Sheet

3-Step Guide to Better Photos, Faster.

Whether you are using a cell phone or a DSLR, with this quick and easy-to-implement guide you will learn how to take consistent photos no matter where you are. Having gorgeous photos is crucial to selling your work online and this guide will kickstart simplifying the photography process for you.

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“I went to take the picture I posted today and it was so easy! It’s so nice to just know what I’m doing and quickly get a great pic. Thank you!”

Anni, happy student

Professional Photographer. Side-hustling ceramicist.

I understand how overwhelming photography can feel. Having photographed all over the world for the last 11 years, I also know that there are ways to approach photography that save time and get amazing photos in mere minutes.

I know first hand the feeling of, “If there were only 4 more hours in the day I could…” and I’ve built resources to help other artists build sustainable creative lives by saving them time in their businesses (or side-hustles!). Starting with simplifying the photography process by implementing a step-by-step system. Sign up for free photography tips by clicking the link below.

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