Episode 212 - Growing as an Artist through Community Support with the Village Potters

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Our first ever panel is on the podcast this week! I’m chatting with not one, but two of the founding members of the Village Potters Clay Center in Asheville, North Carolina - a brilliant community studio that clearly has cracked the code on not only helping potters and artists push themselves creatively but also in creating sustainable partnerships and viable businesses. So basically, they are all living the dream… 

If you are searching for your own community of support, hang tight… I might just have something exciting in store for you in the near future. And if you can’t stand the anticipation (or if you are a whizz at technology!), then send me an email over at podcast@makers-playbook.com and I just might spill the surprise for you. 😉

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I’d love to know what makers you admire! Send me an email at podcast@makers-playbook.com or fill out the form below and let me know who you’d love to hear from on the podcast! Thanks to Danielle at Monsoon Pottery, that’s exactly how I learned of the amazing work David Kim is doing with restaurants (and who we interviewed in Episode 204 of the podcast!)

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