Episode 335: Live at NCECA - The Business of Clay with The Potter's Cast

LIVE from NCECA! Our recording of the joint (but mostly Paul interviewing me) episode with the Potter’s Cast is here! We touched the surface on a lot of business topics in this one hour. Anything from the importance of finding your own work before market research, how business is mostly just the scientific process on repeat, and a lot lot more, including direct questions from the live audience that was sitting in front of us the whole time. The room was absolutely packed and frankly, I was a bit stunned. Any one of the questions Paul asked me could be their entire own episode by themselves, so if there is a subject you were wishing we had time to dive deeper on, send me and email and let me know! I’m working on trying to compile more of my post-NCECA thoughts for future episodes and I’d love to know what you are most interested in. Send over your ideas to: podcast@makers-playbook.com

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Are you feeling the FOMO?

If all the NCECA talk the last few months has you feeling all the FOMO (fear of missing out), please know that I am here for you. FOMO sucks, and it’s not a feeling I want to encourage in this world. In fact, my own history with FOMO is a huge reason I wanted to build The Community. I’ve realized that one of the massive benefits of a digital space is the way we can show up for each other on a regular basis. Rather than having 4 intense days of hyper-energetic interaction, only to drop back down to zero, like a little kid after a sugar high (aka what NCECA can feel like)… Online, we can embrace a consistency within our usual daily or weekly routines. We can be more present to each other than I was ever able to be with anyone at NCECA.

Long story short, if watching what seemed like every maker you follow online show up to NCECA caused you to feel a great deal of FOMO or if you attended NCECA and felt that massive shock of returning back to everyday life, where there wasn’t a group of ready and willing makers to nerd out with you - Consider having a peek at The Community. There’s a 2 week free trial and you are more than welcome to take advantage of it to have a peek around and see if this just might be the place for you. If not, no worries. Either way, you can learn more by clicking the button below.

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