Episode 332: Building a Viable Business in NYC with Sarah Hussaini of Not Work Related

Building a business as an independent maker can be hard. And when you add on top of that the financial realities of doing it in an urban center… well, it takes a special level of drive, determination, work ethic and grit to make that happen. All of which, I can safely say Sarah Hussaini undoubtedly has. Sarah, owner of the Not Work Related studio, and I connect on a lot business topics. So many, that I couldn’t contain all of the nuggets of hard earned knowledge in one episode. That’s right my friends, settle in because this is only part ONE of my chat with Sarah. Next week, we’ll be coming back for part 2.

**A heads up: This episode does contain a bit of adult language.

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Next week we are going to dig more into pricing your work, bringing on assistants, the iterative nature of design - and business and life, for that matter - Sarah’s design process and the fears of sharing too much of that process online. Long story short - you are not going to want to miss out! Jump on our email newsletter list by clicking the button below. Doing so will not only get you new episode messages but also our coveted once-a-month, FREE PHOTO TIPS email! Just this last week I shared diagrams on the single greatest thing that changed my photography, so yeah… it’s a pretty awesome free resource.

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