Episode 310: Big Goals Determining Everyday Decisions with Sam Lopez

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by all the things you think you are supposed to be doing as a maker in 2022? Post a reel every day to Instagram! Don’t use Etsy, build your own website! Raise your prices!! The world can often feel like it’s constantly yelling at us to change something, fix something, do something more, and more and more… And if you are anything like me, that ever-growing to-do list is impossible. There isn’t enough time in the day or resources available to accomplish all the world yells at me to do.

So what if you had a guiding light on how to decide what things on that ever growing list, you actually really and truly needed to focus on? What if raising your prices wasn’t actually the solution, but lowering them was? It sounds crazy right? But thanks to Sam Lopez’s vision for not only how he wants his work to be used in every day life, but also what he wants his life to look like in the future as an independent maker and educator, he’s been able to make some decisions that, on the surface, could appear completely nonsensical if you are only listening to what the internet is shouting at you. 

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In this episode, Sam mentioned my photography course. The Maker’s Photography Styling System is a 6-week course where I am super hands-on not only with video and written lessons and step-by-step practice exercises to immediately start improving your photographs, but also with direct feedback and question & answer sessions. We are opening up this course again for the last time this year in just a few short weeks!

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