Episode 326: The Business of Pottery with Rebecca Graves-Prowse

For all of you out there who have been listening to the podcast and thinking, “It’s too late for me to make a career move… I’m too far into this corporate job with the 401ks and the healthcare and all the stuff…” Well, this episode, my friends, is for you.  Rebecca of GravesCo sheds light on the decades of experience she had before she “magically”created an “overnight success.” We also nerd out a bit on the way spreadsheets allow us to make creative decisions and I for one, am not so subtly vying for a spot as a new biz-bestie with the powerhouse woman. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to go from a solo maker to the leader of a team, you aren’t going to want to miss this episode.

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The Instagram Photography Mistakes Webinar is Back!

I’ve been alluding to it for awhile now. I talked generally about it to our email newsletter crew who (along with our Community members) are ALWAYS the first to find out about things happening over here at The Maker’s Playbook, and now the dates are official…. I am going to be reopening the doors to The Maker’s Photography Styling System on January 26th!

But along with that, I’m ALSO going to be once again hosting our FREE, Live webinar all about the 4 Most Common Instagram Photography Mistakes I see people making with their pottery (and of course how to fix them. Yes, even with your cell phone). If you’ve been enjoying our monthly photo tips emails but want to essentially get 4 months worth of tips in about 45 minutes, then don’t miss out on the Free Live Webinar! Click the button below to save your seat! Because yes, even though it's free, webinar hosting software still limits the number of seats you can have. So what are you waiting for?

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