Episode 334: Creating out of Chaos with Kim Ferguson of Khaos Creates

How often do you remember the name of someone’s Instagram account before you actually learn their real name? It’s a little weird. But it can also be freeing for some people, because it means you can choose how much of yourself you want to share. You can create an alter-ego of sorts. Not a dishonest representation of yourself - I’m not suggesting we start “catfishing” - but instead, the ability to create a comfort zone for what you share publicly and what you choose to keep private. Not to mention, how building a brand name can help you create space between the public and the private. This, of course, also means what we all experience as users online is not always the full story of what is happening in real life for any maker we might follow, which is the big question I’ve had for Kim Ferguson of Khaos Creates for a long time. Between seeing snippets of a wholesale jewelry line and hearing about her acceptance into a local residency -I had no idea, until we chatted that she was balancing all of that while still working a full-time job! Understanding what life actually looks like is exactly why I started this very podcast, so, of course, I’m excited for you to hear Kim’s story this week where we shed a bit of light on the difference between the instagrammable Khaos Creates and the lovely human that is Kim.

 Kim Ferguson
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