The Savvy Owner’s Quick Guide to Smart Decisions

A checklist that guides you in asking smarter questions, leading you to better decisions for the unique needs of your business and your life.

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More often than not, as business owners, we have a lot of things to figure out. Once one question is answered, another comes up. OR as our business grows, our needs change, and the solution we thought we had figured out 6 months ago, now doesn't work so well.

Too frequently, I see other makers crowdsourcing the answers to these important business questions online. While there's nothing at all wrong with asking others for advice, that advice can only be as helpful as the understanding of your own needs and goals.

This guide is built to help you get better advice from others by creating context around the questions we ask.

After successfully building a six-figure photography business in Chicago, Rebecca is now taking the last 11 year’s worth of knowledge and helping other creative entrepreneurs build not only viable, but (more importantly) life-giving businesses and lives.

I believe the more independent artists that have thriving lives, the better the world.” -Rebecca