Episode 204 - Building a Commissions-Based Business with David T Kim

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When I first started this podcast I wanted to make sure that we had a diverse breadth of stories. In fact, it was paramount to the focus of what this podcast would be. I was looking out onto the internet for how other ceramicists and makers made a living from the things they make, and all I really saw was one example - people hustling on Instagram to grow an audience, push that audience to Etsy or an online store, do a massive shop update, then lose their minds with packaging and shipping for a couple of days, and do it all over again. There had to be other options out there, and thus… The Maker’s Playbook podcast was born... And on this week's episode, I'm excited to be filling a gap we've had in our interviews! 

This week I chat with David T Kim, an independent, full-time ceramicist, living and working in Chicago, focused predominately on creating custom work for some of the greatest restaurants the city has to offer.

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