Episode 201 - How to Sustain going Full-time with Sunshine Cobb

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Season 2 is here! We are kicking things off with the one and only Sunshine Cobb.

Sunshine and I dig right into it from the beginning. From sharing, oversharing, and the importance of boundaries as makers and educators, to diversifying income streams, to deciding what you are willing to give up to make these crazy full-time artist lives of ours work. We talk about moving cross country, the importance of mental health, self-care and how to sustain your art practice for the long run. This intro barely grazes the surface. There is A LOT in this episode!

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Making Decisions is Hard!

Figuring out the tangible, tactical, pragmatic details of how to build a business that suits your life is full of decisions after decisions - Etsy vs. your own website, Instagram vs. TikTok, making the work tons of people want after watching you on TV vs. making the work you actually want to make! The list is endless.

Whether you are side hustling or full time, whether you’ve started selling your work online or are simply listening to these conversations dreaming of the day you might start selling your pieces… Snag our Savvy Owner's Quick Guide to Smart Decisions to help guide you through all of those recurring questions and decisions you have to navigate when considering how to build a business that best suits your life.

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