Episode 125 - Mental Health & Finding Your Community with Katie Meili

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If you’ve been following along real-time, you know this episode is launching a couple of days later than usual, because my friends… woof! It’s August, and I’m still a wedding photographer… life is a weeeee bit crazy.

This week, I’m sharing an incredibly candid conversation I had with Katie Meili, who is a resident potter at The Village Potters in Asheville, North Carolina. We chat about the difficulties of mental health and how it feels when life takes unexpected turns that throw you off a path everyone else around you is on…. The silver linings that brought us to clay, and the importance of having a community that supports and pushes us as artists.   Oh, not to mention, how an entire ruined kiln - I’m talking ENTIRE kiln load of completely ruined pots - brought Katie to her distinct style we know and love today.

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