Episode 121 - The 4th and Final Week of the Photography Extravaganza

When I first started learning photography, what made it so overwhelming was the number of variables. Not just stand-alone variables (like the effect humidity has on my hair) but intersecting variables. If I change my shutter speed, what does that do to the effects of the ISO or the aperture? But at the same time, if I start changing everything at once, then I really have no freakin’ clue what is going on and which variable is getting me the results I do (or do not) want!!  Cue - Overwhelm. 

So, my friends, I’d like to present you with an alternative, on this 4th and final week of the Photography Extravaganza. I want you to learn how to systematize your photography approach. Because once you do that, I promise you will slice in half the amount of time it takes you to photograph your work.

This week on the podcast I touch on what systematizing your photography can look like, but I also dive deeper on an even bigger subject - How to vet educators online. Now, I realize, I'm clearly biased. After all, I'm an online educator. But over the last 11 years of entrepreneurship, I've also (more often than not) been the person buying from online educators. Some have been amazing. And some… well… Less than amazing. I know firsthand that learning from people who have been doing this longer than the rest of us is one of the fastest ways to accelerate your growth as a business owner. But I also want to help make sure that you don't make the same mistakes I made when it came to deciding which of those educators to listen to.

The culmination of the Photography Extravaganza is a FREE LIVE Webinar I'm hosting on June 29th & 30th: The 4 Most Common Instagram Photography Mistakes (and how to avoid them). Sign Up by clicking here. There will be a replay (so if neither of those days work for you, still sign up so you get the tips & tricks in a link later!), but if you join live, there is an incredible giveaway to the first 10 students.

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The 4 Most Common Instagram Photography Mistakes

(And How to Avoid Them - even with your cell phone)

I’m going to show you the 4 most common photography mistakes I see ceramicists and artists making online and how to avoid them, no matter what kind of camera you are using. At the end of this webinar, you’re going to be able to immediately take better photos while also saving yourself time!

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