Episode 120 - Week 3 of the Photography Extravaganza

Have you ever thought about WHY you're taking the photos you're taking of your pots? Do you pull out your camera and just start shooting because you feel obligated? Or do you start photographing knowing what the photos you're taking are specifically going to be used for? This week, week 3 (out of 4!) of the Photography Extravaganza, I'm talking about the 3 primary purposes of photography for makers and how each requires a very different approach to photography.

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The 4 Most Common Instagram Photography Mistakes

(And How to Avoid Them - even with your cell phone)

I’m going to show you the 4 most common photography mistakes I see ceramicists and artists making online and how to avoid them, no matter what kind of camera you are using. At the end of this webinar, you’re going to be able to immediately take better photos while also saving yourself time!

Yes, I need help with my photos!

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