Episode 119 - Week 2 of the Photography Extravaganza

“What camera should I buy to have better photos?” It's a question I get asked more times than I can count. And if it's not that question then it's a close version of it: 

- “Can I take good photos without a real camera? Only with my cell phone?”

- "But I don't have a swanky kitchen with marble countertops to make my photos look like that..."

All of these questions boil down to one: "Can I take good photos without..." and then insert whatever it is you feel like you don't have. Here’s the spoiler and Cliff Notes of this entire episode: Yes. yes, you can take good photos without a fancy new camera, without a swanky kitchen or sunlit studio. Yes, you can take good photos without spending hundreds of dollars on props. Tune into this episode to find out the solutions to all of these common questions.

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The 4 Most Common Instagram Photography Mistakes

(And How to Avoid Them - even with your cell phone)

I’m going to show you the 4 most common photography mistakes I see ceramicists and artists making online and how to avoid them, no matter what kind of camera you are using. At the end of this webinar, you’re going to be able to immediately take better photos while also saving yourself time!

Yes, I need help with my photos!

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