Episode 116 - Real life vs. Instagram with Sophia McEvoy

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Do you ever think about what happened BEFORE the Instagram photos? Or BEFORE your favorite potter hit 25 thousand followers? Off and on, many people will talk about the real-life vs. Instagram life, and there are plenty of hilarious memes floating around the internet about them, but I’d wager a bet that while many of us (myself included) are scrolling through IG, we are never actively reminding ourselves of what that maker’s life looked like before that photo… 

The years of saving money, the months of trial and error, the delays because of things outside our control (or in our control), not to mention, the sacrifices made because we want this crazy dream - to make a living from the things we make - so freaking badly… Well, that’s exactly what Sophia McEvoy and I sat down to talk about.

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