Episode 109 - Kate McElwee

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I'm catching up with my friend and fellow wedding photographer (who has a pottery side hustle too!) Kate McElwee. 

We share how COVID made us unemployed for the first time in our lives, how pottery and other mediums bring us the creative exploration that we can’t really take in weddings, and… perhaps of most interest to many… we dish a few secrets on how, as photographers, we absolutely simplify how we photograph our ceramic work so it doesn’t take too much time! 

Not to mention, we wrap up this conversation talking bluntly about pricing your work - my mathematical approach and Kate’s “happy price” philosophy.

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[1:08] - The need for multiple creative outlets

[9:35] - On intentionally keeping pottery  a side hustle, but also how quickly our brains can flip to “how do I monetize my hobby?”

[14:03] - Being a financial optimist. 

[21:09] - Jumping to officially having separate pottery Instagrams and the dirty little secret of how photographers photograph their own work!

[24:13] - When Kate felt her work was “good enough” to sell and how she came up with a creative solution to in-person markets being cancelled. 

[32:12] - Continued details on Kate’s Porch Sales.
[38:26] - Some real talk about pricing your work.

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