Episode 108 - Simon Levin

This week I’m chatting with woodfire potter, Simon Levin. A self-proclaimed “evangelist of clay” who continually finds ways to bring educational resources outside of the traditional structure to the clay community.

After over 30 years working as a full-time studio potter, there were almost endless subjects we touch upon in this conversation that could be entire podcast episodes onto themselves - How to make what you want first, and market second, the difference between craft and art, and so much more.

If any of the numerous subjects we chat about particularly interest you, send me a message at hello@makers-playbook.com so I know what to bug Simon about in order to bring him back for a second episode. 😉

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[02:54] - How Simon’s taken advantage of the pandemic to provide free interviews from all over the world with other potters, in partnership with NCECA

[6:00] - The difference in an approach of making what you want to make and then figuring out how to sell it after and how that impacts what Simon values in his making practice.

[15:03] - On learning different approaches to marketing galleries vs. in-person markets vs online.  

[28:27] - The unique role (or lack thereof) that tradition plays in the US clay community.

[33:17] - How Simon’s apprentice program works and learning how to stay aware of the numerous decisions we all make while making, whether consciously or unconsciously. 

[39:53] - Attempting the define the difference between craft and art. 

[47:51] - Finding where the balance between craft and art lands for each of us in our own work. The coming full circle on how that can make marketing easier.

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