Episode 107 - Thoughts on Making Smart Decisions

This week is a little different than most of our episodes. As I've been listening back through some of the amazing interviews we've already had in this first month of the podcast, I'm noticing some common themes and I wanted to take a minute to pull all of those together.

It’s my goal that these occasional solo episodes will help connect the dots on many of the common themes and through lines in the conversations we'll continue to have with podcast guests. Consider them the cliff notes version of the last few episodes (you'll miss all the juicy details that make an author's novel award-winning but you get the overall idea).

On this first solo episode, I’m talking about the recurring need we all have to make decisions in our businesses (spoiler alert: 10 years later, that need never goes away!). Most importantly, I’m suggesting a framework that will allow you to make smarter decisions by asking more informed questions…

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