Episode 106 - Sandy Lockwood

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This week I chat with a wonderful past instructor of mine, Sandy Lockwood. Sandy has been making and teaching ceramics for the last 40 years. As a teacher, she has the unique skill of being able to help guide her students in finding their own unique style and approach to the craft. And as a maker, her ability to capture movement in stationary pieces, while also showcasing the wonders of wood and soda firing is incredible.

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[9:57] - The struggle with the time it takes to really develop skills, no matter your age.

[12:45] - How Sandy’s production throwing skills have influenced her ability to dive deeper into her unique style and produce new ideas by finding a state of flow while throwing.

[15:10] - Aspiring to styles that don’t actually connect with our personalities and the importance of staying true to yourself.

[18:10] - Teaching people the practice of brainstorming through making exercises. And the one thing you have to do to push your work forward, even if you're a busy person… 

[33:00] - The continual learning process that wood firing provides and how they need to constantly problem-solve her making as supported the business over decades of change in the marketplace.

[37:10] - On the importance of editing your work.

[44:00] - Sandy’s recommendations for those of us just starting out. 

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