Episode 105 - Emilie Bouvet-Boisclair

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Ever wondered whether or not you should set up an Etsy shop vs. your own website? This week, Emilie (Twinette Poterie) and I dig into that very subject plus the pros and cons of working out of a shared community studio vs. her own home space. Not to mention her transition from being a formally trained painter into finding her unique style with the ability to bring that painterly quality onto pots.

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[1:20] - How a ceramics hobby took off as a business before a planned focus on painting, but how Emilie fused her skills as a painter to craft her unique pottery style

[7:15] - The pros & cons of shared studio spaces vs. setting up your own home studio.

[12:50] - Learning about your potential audience and how people react to your pieces from doing shows and in-person markets, plus some tips on how to succeed if you’re just starting out with shows.

[19:50] - How having an email list helped save the lack of in-person show sales this year and how an email list empowers you to not worry (or at least worry less) about the constantly changing algorithms of social media)

[23:15] - On the different purposes of an Etsy account while also maintaining sales through your own website.

[28:55] - Workflow and managing shop updates

[32:45] - The positive side of not dong in-person shows.

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