Episode 102 - Camille at the Wheel

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This week, I'm chatting with Camille Beckles of Camille at the Wheel. Camille was always inclined towards ceramics but took her first class about 4 years ago. And like so many of us, was hooked from the very beginning. Her iconic logo, which first was the reason for my following her work, is a singular example of her clear commitment to knowing and owning her brand story It's central to our conversation about representation in the art world, making work you actually enjoy making and continuing to explore the meaning of the word "balance" when it comes to multiple jobs and building a business you love.

There are SO many topics in this conversation that I'd love to dive even deeper on than this quick hour allowed, so I'm sure I'll be asking Camille back soon (not to mention, I'll be dying to hear more about the new project she teased us with at the end of this episode!).

But first, about halfway through this episode, we mention the importance of education around racial equality and what the response to the murder of George Floyd in the summer of 2020 did to BIPOC-owned businesses. Please be sure to visit the following resources for more information that we didn’t have time to discuss during this episode:

The non-profit Camille works at: Center for Policing Equity

An education source I have personally been following since 2020: Change Cadet

My favorite BIPOC-owned bookstore for future education as well as the easiest way to buy any book online from small retailers (and avoid Amazon): Semicolon

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[6:00] - How we define being “good enough” to sell our work and finding your own aesthetic

[15:20] - Not rushing to sell and the importance of curiosity.

[18:25] - Recognizing the role of efficiency when moving from a hobbyist to someone selling their work.

[20:00] - Building a visual brand and representation in the ceramics world.

[23:00] - It takes a village to build your own business and the realities of complete imbalance with a full-time job and a full-time side-hustle, plus why we all need to stop glorifying the hustle.

[28:30] - The surge of orders seen by BIPOC owned businesses after the murder of George Floyd. Please be sure to see additional resources in our show notes for important education on supporting black and BIPOC owned businesses after the surge of orders seen in the 2020 summer and for more information than we had time to discuss in this episode.

[34:50] - Different business models and the pros and cons of made-to-order business model vs shop re-stocks, and custom requests. plus to leave yourself time for creativity, experimenting and preventing burnout.

[39:00] - The debate between making ceramics the full-time job vs. keeping a separate job in tandem with ceramics and why it’s important to think of the side-hustle as an official business no matter what.

[45:00] - Your time is VALUABLE. The myriad of things that actually take up your time when trying to run a small business by yourself and how those things should impact your pricing.

[48:40] - A mystery project coming for Camille in 2021 that we’ll have to have a follow-up episode on!!

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