Episode 211 -The Importance of a Consistent Photography Style

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Today, my photography tips come directly from a recent email conversation I was having with another maker about how things “should” look on Instagram. As in, do all of your photos have to have the same colors so the feed looks cohesive? Do you need to have a pattern to your posts? At the heart of all of these questions about the look of photos and the flow of a feed on Instagram to me was one thing: Your Style. Because the specifics of whether or not you have a pattern or whether or not it’s all one color, are less important than making sure everything feels cohesive together. Cohesion is what creates that professional feeling. And the way for things to feel cohesive is to harness your own unique BUT consistent style. Funny enough, this is a conversation that sprang up out of our course, the Maker’s Photography Styling System, in a way I didn’t actually plan for so I've invited a few past students to join me and explain their experiences on this episode.

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The 4 Most Common Instagram Photography Mistakes

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