Episode 304: Building a Communal Space with Kenny Sing of Turn Studio

Kenny Sing of Turn Studio & I chat this week about how his Instagram originally started out simply as a place to share the processes he was testing out, without the intention of reaching 83,000++ followers. We also dig into his passion for teaching and why he's building his community studio space (plus how building a studio actually works and all the hard cost realities of doing that).

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Interested in Community?

Kenny's heart for building a community clearly hits home for me. If you don't have a local resource for in-person community building like Kenny's space, or if you are craving connecting with other makers year round rather than a few days at a workshop, I'd be honored to see you join us over at The Community. We already have makers from all over the world chatting together, and we'll be kicking things off with a full month of digging into how we can use Instagram in a sustainable, healthy way next week.

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