Episode 305: A Virtual Home for Makers with Rebecca Ickes Carra

On today’s solo episode, I’m sharing why I’ve spent the last 4 months building a virtual home for makers - The Community by the Maker’s Playbook - and a few of the things that make this online space particularly special to me. I know without a doubt that I would not have the business I have today without the support of a community of colleagues.  The depth of this support is what I dream about bringing to the maker community. Not only tactical how-to’s from the makers that have come before you, but side-by-side emotional support when the going gets tough. Because if there’s one other thing I know it’s this: Making a living from the things you make is a marathon, not a sprint. And while it might always be hard, it’s a heck of a lot more enjoyable with friends by your side.

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The Community by the Makers' Playbook

Curious about The Community?

Lately, have you been feeling like the internet is more of a time suck & energy killer, rather than a place of inspiration & opportunity? Have you been thinking, "There must be another place to connect with other makers and find solutions to the endless questions when it comes to making a living from the things you make..." Have you been looking for a supportive space to figure out if the dream of building the life you want (first) followed by a business to support that life (second) is even possible? For all of these reasons - the overwhelm, the surprising loneliness that internet can create, the exhaustion - are exactly why we launched The Community - an online home for makers trying to figure out how to make a living from the things we make.

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