Episode 301: A Lifelong Pursuit of Learning with Adam Field

We are back! Season 3 of the Maker’s Playbook podcast kicks off with Adam Field! In this episode, Adam and I dig into how he managed to say yes to a multi-year residency program at the Archie Bray with 2 kiddos in tow, how he integrates social media into his studio practice, and the vulnerability it takes to change the style of our work when also making a living from that work. This is a conversation I know I personally will be returning to frequently.

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You’ve heard me end every episode for 15 months' worth of podcasts now with the belief that together we can really make these crazy audacious dreams of our maker’s life work. I know this to be true because my life and career are proof of it. But, I also know that a podcast is pretty one-sided. This is exactly why I’m launching an online forum for makers! At the time of this episode launching, we are almost ready to open the doors, so until then, be sure to sign up for our insider’s email list by clicking the button below to be the first to find out when the community launches (Spoiler: I have a couple of surprises in store for those that join first!)

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